About Us

Our family business

Hi, I'm Joanna, one half of the creators of Leaf & Bean Café with my husband Daniel.

Leaf & Bean Café was started in 2011 and we turned it into a family-run business in early 2014.

Daniel and I worked in recruitment for many years, so we’re both people persons and are passionate about delivering great customer experiences. Between us we’ve built up a wealth of skills and knowledge that we were dying to put to good use in our own business.

We have so much drive, enthusiasm and love for everything we do here – and so do our kids. We all play our part and they love tasting delicious new creations and telling us exactly what they like – or don’t!

They help us stock up and have even made some jewellery to sell in Boutiqeéboo – our very own in-store and online gift boutique.

We only carry unique gifts that aren’t available or easily accessible elsewhere – our candles, for instance, are currently only available online or from Leaf & Bean Café.

We source most items from artisans and carefully choose what we stock – so they make great gifts or delightful impulse purchases, at affordable prices.


We love what we do – and so will you

Our move from recruitment was obviously a big change, but a really positive one too. It’s been hard work and we’ve put in a lot of long hours, but we’re no strangers to either of those and we wouldn’t change it for the world.

We take so much pride in what we do – it’s really important to us that everyone who comes into Leaf & Bean Café really enjoys it, wants to come back and tells their friends, family and colleagues about us.

We’ve worked hard to make sure we offer easy access, a comfortable experience and friendly, welcoming team.

We want you to come in and be happy before you’ve even had anything to eat or drink – and boy do you have plenty to choose from!

We sell a wide range of great coffees – including our very own blend – and more than 20 looseleaf teas. And yes, we’ve tried them all! We make them correctly too, to get the taste just right.

And of course, we have a wonderful selection of herbal teas, perfect for those of you who don’t drink caffeine.

Why not enquire about renting our private space?

The Stable, our private function room, is the perfect location to host your next meetup, group or event. 

A little extra goes a long way

We love little things than can make a really big difference to your experience. So, at Leaf & Bean Café, don’t be surprised to get a little something extra with your order – like a quirky teapot to pour from, some art on top of your latte or a chocolate flake or wee bit of Scottish tablet with your drink.

We’re also very proud of the fact that we bake fresh goods in-store, offer healthy salads and make our own fruit smoothies with REAL FRUIT, not horrible pre-made mixtures.

Then there are the sausages, bacon, eggs – and our great Big Breakfast or Pancake Stack – often our best sellers on a Saturday or Sunday morning. Can’t think why...

Also, because we ourselves have a young family and we know what it’s like to have to find somewhere that’s great for all of us, we want Leaf & Bean Café to be completely family (and dog) friendly.

We want to be somewhere that welcomes everyone. Somewhere where the staff greet you with a smile and offer to help you with the door or your buggy. Somewhere where your kids are as welcome as you are.

And with that in mind – we’ve put a lot of effort into making sure our customers have their own space while they’re with us.

We know a lot people love to go to coffee shops for a bit of peace and quiet – maybe even to get some work done. That’s why we’ve fitted Leaf & Bean Café with some brand new, cosy work stations. So if you want to bring a laptop or do some work while making yourself comfortable, you can.

Wait, there’s more – literally

Our back room – affectionately known as The Stable – can be hired by groups, businesses and individuals for parties, meetings and events. We’ve been doing this since we started and have had a lot of great feedback.

The whole space can be hired out – during the day or out of hours – as a closed off area or with the door open so you can still receive table service. Whatever you fancy.

And, from August 2015, we’ll be holding Monkey Music classes for toddlers of all ages in The Stable too. Hooray!

More about Joanna

Daniel and I met when we both worked for a recruitment company! First job in recruitment gave me the skills I have used right through my career and have been able to transfer into our businesses I now work in together with Daniel. Fascinated by the business world and how it operates. Loved working in the fast pace of recruitment in the early days and the opportunity this gave me to learn how to run a business. First researched business in the coffee sector several years ago and started the buying process for Leaf & Bean Café in 2013. I love owning our own business, its really hard work and everyone is involved and having recently returned to work, I am now involved in the day to day running of the business. We have three beautiful daughters;  Mia 8, Ava 7  and Ani 1 and Freddy the Golden Retriever! I spend a lot of time outdoors when I am not involved in our businesses or running the children to parties or clubs and have many interests including horseriding and competed in horse events up until fairly recently.  

More about Daniel

Started my career in financial services heavily focused on customer service and delivery. Moved into the recruitment sector in 2005 as an International Accountancy recruiter and established myself  into this market over several years. I was very customer focused and success in this role was dependent on the ability to form strong relationships and deliver on promises. Having met Jo in recruitment and worked together, I wanted us to work in our own business together combining our  passion and entrepreneurial skills. It was a lifestyle choice for me to have our own business as I am very family orientated and if I was going to be working long hours as I had in recruitment I wanted this to be for myself and my family and close to home so I had more of a work / life balance.  I have now worked in the business managing day to day functions of the business since Feb 2014. It has been a huge learning curve and I am really enjoying learning the trade! I am a film bufty and read loads of books. I love sport and when I have time I get to the gym and do weights!